Vote in every election

Now that you have seen some of the unfairness in the world, you must make a commitment to do what you can to change it. Always read all the information on the candidates and ballot measures in your voting district. If you are not registered to vote, call your state Division of Elections office to find out where you can register (the public library is normally the most convenient place to register), and make sure your voice is heard.

Some people don’t vote because they’ve never done it before and they’re afraid they’ll look dumb when they come to the voting area and don’t seem to know what they’re doing. If this is your story, relax. Regardless of how many times you’ve voted, the ballots, the systems, and the machinery change with just about every election. Nobody ever knows exactly what they’re doing. The volunteers at the voting booths will explain everything to you every time you vote regardless of whether you need them to or not.

You have no excuses not to. It costs no money. It happens rarely. Please, please vote.

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