Take responsibility for your state of mental health

If you feel that your state of mental health prevents you from doing the best possible job of being a parent, get help right away. A good way to find help is to talk to your Naturopath, your OBGYN, or a support group. They often have access to counselors who specialize in treating Postpartum Depression or Postpartum Psychosis, and they know that this is a hormonal condition that is aggrandized by the stress of motherhood. People who have seen this problem know that it plagues single and married mothers alike. Always stress that you need 100% confidentiality because of possible complications with custody and other issues down the road.

If you opt to see a psychological counselor, remember that psychologists differ. If you don’t like one, cut your losses and go to another one. Don’t stay with a psychological counselor that you don’t like, but if you need help, continue to seek it until you find it.

Although your first and foremost commitment is to your child, you must take at least two or three hours a week to do something for yourself: hiking, shopping, bike riding, going to a movie, going dancing, painting, whatever. Motherhood limits the time one can dedicate to making herself happy, but should not eliminate it. Do not deny yourself pleasure, or you’ll end up too bitter and depressed to get yourself back up again.

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