Do everything in your power to prevent yourself and your children from being emotionally, physically, or sexually abused

The most important job of a mother is to protect her children. Everyone knows that there is nothing more frightening than a mother bear protecting her cubs. It is important that your community see the mother bear within you. Let anyone who would victimize you or your children fear you rather than you fearing them.

You don’t have to be paranoid, and you don’t have to constantly intimidate everyone around you, but you do have to be wise. Have high standards for the company you keep, and keep your parenting standards high as well. Keep your eyes wide open around the employees at your childcare facilities, the people in your neighborhoods, the staff at your children’s schools, the pastors at your churches, and the men you include in your life; and do extensive research on the backgrounds of these people if you can. Do not allow yourself to be so dependent on any person or community that you don’t have the freedom or ability to leave if you find that something is dreadfully wrong, and remember to report or otherwise document anything that is illegal.

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