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What are my options for pain releif during labor?

     You literally have hundreds of options to manage pain during labor. Your unmedicated options are virtually endless, from breathing techniques and position changes to warm baths and hypnosis.
     There are a vast variety of medicinal pain relief techniques that are also available, and your doctor or midwife can walk you through what is available under their care. The most commonly chosen method of medicinal pain relief is the epidural, and it is probably the safest of all of them available. However, like all interventions, an epidural does pose some risk, and you may find upon researching it that i might not be the best pain relief method for you. You have so many options, research them all and choose a few you'd like to try.
     It is impossible to go through a birth without any pain at all, so it is important you choose some methods of unmedicated pain relief even if you intend to use medication. Sometimes you have to wait to get medication, or the medication doesn't work. Even epidurals sometimes fail. Also, doctors tend to let medication wear off towards the end of labor, so you can feel how to push more effectively.


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