Provide an excellent example in ethics and behavior for your children and your peers

For your future and that of your children, you must strive to be the opposite of every negative stereotype associated with single mothers. You must strive to be strong, wise, independent, and ethical. You must examine your conscience with every decision you make, and do what you know is right (whether you are religious or not, you have an internal voice that helps guide you to what’s right or wrong). Do not turn against what you know to be right because some other people who mistakenly believe they’re interpreters of “God’s word” and “God’s will” seem to judge or condemn you for your decisions. Your status as a single pregnant woman or single mother will often provide you to more sympathy and leeway than other members of society, but do not take advantage of people for their money, their kindness, or their attention. Take offerings if you need them, but don’t forget where they came from, don’t forget to do your best to give back, and don’t ever accept anything so grand that it obligates you to a person or a belief.

Also, do not depend on government assistance for an extended period of time. This is teaching your children that it is preferable to depend on what’s free rather than working for what they want, and it perpetuates the damaging stereotype that single mothers sponge off “legitimate” members of society. Take government assistance if or when you really need it, and do everything you can to get yourself in a better position to tackle life when government assistance runs out.

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