Help instigate reform through empowerment!

Over the last few decades in our society there has been a subtle shift in power from its traditional and assumed place, in the hands of the male, to the hands of those who are strong, wise, and innovative, regardless of their gender. This shift in power is threatening to some, particularly to males whose only power lies in the observance of tradition and wives who are comfortable with their roles as subordinate to a man, but it opens doors of opportunity to any and all people who have anything but a very traditional life path.

You, as a single pregnant woman, are regarded as a threat to traditional thought, which is why there is so much propaganda dedicated to putting single pregnant women and unwed mothers in their “rightful place,” considered by many traditionalists to be welfare lines, strip joints, bad neighborhoods, exploitation talk shows, etceteras.

The people who subscribe to these beliefs are those who are resistant to change, but as you know, change is imminent and necessary. You have been given a golden opportunity to do the right thing with your situation, and to help instigate the necessary modification in the way the world looks at single mothers.

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