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what kinda of childbirth education classes should I take?

     There are many kinds of childbirth education classes, but for the general single pregnant woman, I recommend Lamaze or CAPPA. These classes are well rounded and focus on the mother and the baby. They are also the classes most likely to be offered by local hospitals.
     If you are pretty sure you want an unmedicated birth you might look into Hypnobirthing or Hypnobabies. Bradley and ALACE are two other well known and highly praised childbirth education methods. While I love the Bradley method, I don not generally recommend it to single mothers because if focuses quite a bit on husbands, which can make the single mother feel singled out. Still, if you think that will not bother you and your birth partner, I would highly recommend Bradley classes to anyone going for an unmedicated birth.
     Childbirth education class is essential. It is the number one thing you can do to reduce your risk of complications during birth. Watching programs like Baby Story and reading pregnancy magazines are not a substitute for childbirth education. If you are worried about the cost, many hospitals provide lower cost classes for those in financial need. Your local March of Dimes office may also be able to point you in the direction of low cost or free community childbirth education classes. At the very least, your doctor or midwife should be able to give you a few ideas.


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