Research your state laws regarding child support

It takes two people to make a baby, and it normally takes the efforts of two people to care for one as well. You did not make your baby by yourself, and thankfully your state government knows this and will help enforce that those responsible parties stay responsible. However, some states will enable you to get child support without compromising your full custody, and some won’t. Find out the laws for your state before taking any action.

Rest assured that regardless of the circumstances that led to you pregnancy, you are entitled to 20% of your child’s father’s gross income. In a perfect world, all single mothers-to-be could get child support to benefit herself, her child, and to help make deadbeat fathers responsible for the consequences of their actions, but in some circumstances, doing so is not worth the compromise.

In the event that you can obtain child support without compromising your autonomy and that of your child, go after child support with your hackles raised, and do not compromise with custody. If your child’s father has signed a paternity affidavit, start seeking child support while you are still pregnant. Even if your child’s father is being cooperative, go through your state Child Support Enforcement Division. They are there to help give you what you need in order to live a rewarding and productive life as a parent while decreasing your potential for dependence on government assistance, and will make sure your child support is paid in full and on time. If you have special circumstances and need an attorney, exercise caution. Sometimes the fees you pay will total more than your total child support for years to come.

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