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Who can I pick as my birth Partner?

     You can pick anyone you want to be your birth partner. Personally, I picked my mother. Make sure you pick someone who is up for the commitment, preferably someone who can attend childbirth education classes with you, and maybe a few prenatal appointments. Most people consider it to be an honor to be chosen as a birth partner.
     It is also worth noting that you can have more than one person in your room when you have your baby. Many hospitals will allow you to have as many people as you want. I also had my little sister there, to take pictures, and my doula. If you are planning a home birth or a birth center birth, they are much more likely to have an open mind about how many people you let in the room with you.
     Don't feel pressured to have more people in the room than you want, though. Unless you are on really, really, really good terms with him, I recommend against having the father of your baby there. You want your birth environment to be filled with love, don't muck it up with the presence of someone who doesn't love you and has probably caused you pain. He can wait in the delivery room, or, better yet, don't let him know you are in labor, and only call him after the baby is born and you have rested. Stress, which an ex boyfriend or husband's presence usually causes, is your worst enemy during labor.


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