Pregnancy and Birthing Q&A

By Jess Stone

 Pregnancy and birth are perhaps the most profound and important events in a woman's life. The process is not just about making babies, it is about making mothers as well. The paths you tread during this time shape your future as much as your child's. Every choice you make is a brick laid in the foundation of your parenting style. You are in the process of becoming the mother you want to be.
    For this reason, it is of vital importance to both you and your child that you do what you can to have a positive, balance and healthy pregnancy and birth experience. This can seem like an overwhelming task at times, especially for the single expectant mother, who can easily feel that she shoulders more burdens than the married or partnered mother. The truth is that the proactive and well informed single mother is much more likely to experience a positive and healthy birth experience than any woman who is ill prepared and uninformed, even if she's in the happiest marriage in the world.
    My job, as a doula, is to help you prepare and inform yourself before birth, and to help you achieve the positive, empowering birth experience that will transform you into a confident, strong mother.

 Here are some frequently asked questions about preparing for birth.

What important decisions should I make regarding my birth?

  • What kind of care provider you want/need to care for you during pregnancy and     birth
  • Where you want to give birth
  • Who you want to be there
  • What child birth education classes to take
  • How you want to manage pain.
  • Learn about interventions.
  • How you want to feed your baby.
  • How you want your baby cared for after birth?

    What's the difference between a doctor, a midwife and a doula?

    What are my choices for birth location?

    Who can I pick as my birth partner?

    Why would I want a doula at my birth?

    What kind of childbirth education class should I take?

    What are my options for pain relief during labor?

    Im having a healthy pregnancy, why do I need to learn about  


    Is breast feeding really better than bottle feeding?

    What after birth care choices do I have?


        Ultimately, all these choices are up to you, but the only real choice is an informed choice. If you make a choice based not on what you know to be the pros and cons, but instead based on what other people are telling you to do, you are actually being coerced. Do your research on all of these issues, and pick the option that will work best for you and your child. This is YOUR pregnancy, YOUR birth, and YOUR child. Don't let someone else step in and take over for you.

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